Friday, July 24, 2009

This is the Place – for Fast Food

Happy Pioneer Day!

Pioneer Day is a holiday where my fellow Utahans and I celebrate the coming of the Mormon Pioneers to the Salt Lake valley. We celebrate with parades, fireworks and, of course, food! I'm going to be busy with my kids (they'll be marching in a local children's parade) and work (no day off for me, I'm afraid), so I probably won't pull my grill out until tomorrow.

That's okay. I've got plenty of may favorite sausages thawing in my refrigerator, getting ready to go. I think I may try grilling tofu this year, too. I know, the Utah Pioneers didn't have tofu on the march from Illinois, but not all Mormon immigrants came from Europe, either. There are plenty that have come from Japan and other parts of Asia.

See? When it comes to food, I can justify anything.

Today is also National Drive-Through Day. Why the US Census felt we needed a day to celebrate fast-food drive-though service, is beyond me. Still, it has become an American institution. Goodness knows I've driven through enough of them in my lifetime. As much I'm trying to limit my fast-food exposure, it's not something I see myself stopping entirely in the near future.

Maybe after I'm dead. Which may happen sooner than later if I keep eating fast-food.

In any case, the combination of the two holidays has given new meaning to Brigham Young's words when the Pioneers first crossed the mountains into the Salt Lake Valley, “This is the place. Drive on.”

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