Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Love You Food

Sometimes you just want to do something special for someone, just to tell them you love them. In my house, that can mean making a treat and leaving at a surprise for the intended victims of the love fest.

My latest food love prompting came from a change in my schedule. My kids have gone back to school and I've started working more night shifts, so I rarely see them, except on weekends. Just to let them know I was thinking about them, I made pudding.

I was lazy about the pudding, too. No making it from scratch this time. It was instant vanilla pudding from a box, all the way. We had a kiwi fruit left from our last trip to the grocery store so I sliced it up and decorated the top of it. I had to do something to take it up notch. To let them know it was for them, I wrote, “For my kids. Love, Dad,” on a piece of masking tape and stuck it on the side of the bowl so they'd see it when they got home from school.

There's no problem with leaving my wife out of this one, by the way. She hates pudding.

Could I have done more? Probably, but that's not the point. Telling you kids you love and appreciate them doesn't have to take a long time, or a huge amount of work. It can be simple, direct and sometimes even surprising. Kind of like instant pudding with kiwi fruit.

Picture by Dorota Kaszczyszyn


Anonymous said...
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Amanda, tooele photographer said...

Cute! Sometimes it doesn't have to be a big effort. It's still an effort!