Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preparing Asparagus for Cooking

Asparagus has slender, light green stalks with tightly closed buds at the top. White asparagus is grown underground, and so it never really develops chlorophyll. Most often asparagus is cooked as a side dish, but it can be served raw as part of a vegetable platter.

When preparing asparagus, you want to rinse them well in cold water. The bottom of the stalk is inedible and can easily be broken off. Larger, thicker stalks should be peeled. The outer skin can become quite fibrous and tough.

As an experiment in trying to make myself more useful, I've decided to make a video about it. One word of warning. This is my first video and it looks it, It makes me shudder, thinking about it.

Next time, I'll think I'll hire an actor to play me.

Photo by Nic X

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