Friday, August 12, 2011

Food Joke Friday - Hotel Breakfast

A man orders breakfast in the hotel he’s staying at and calls over the waiter.

"This morning I’d like two boiled eggs, one so undercooked that the whites are runny, the other so overcooked it's turned to rubber. Also, I’d like some grilled bacon that’s been left out overnight and gone cold, horribly burnt toast with butter straight from the freezer that’s impossible to spread, and a glass of orange juice from concentrate that’s been watered down so you can barely tell it’s orange.”

"That's quite a strange order sir," the waiter says. "It might be difficult to fill."

"Really?” the guest replies. “I don't understand. That's exactly what I got here yesterday when I ordered two boiled eggs with bacon, toast, and orange juice."


Anonymous said...

a joke?
sounds more like a real life story!!


Mark Hansen, Dutch Oven Recipes said...

Zing! What a setup!