Monday, April 11, 2011

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich - the "Elvis"

Peanut butter and bananas, baby. The PB&B. What a great peanut butter sandwich variation. Jaqueline, of Purple Chocolat Home, came by last time and reminded me taht Elvis Presley loved these. I do, too. I like to slice the bananas thinly and overlap them on the bread. On toasted bread is nice, too.

Besides the peanut butter, honey or strawberry jam are great additions to this peanut butter sandwich. Chocolate syrup is, too. It takes about one half of a banana to make one of these. If you really want to get crazy, why not serve the sandwich with slices of the the other half of the banana and some chocolate sauce? Yum.

Want to enter Adventure Land? Try grilling one of these. As the peanut butter melts into the bread ... ooooh ....

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A Busy Nest said...

Elvis liked his fried too. Mmmmm just like grilled cheese.